Entrepreneurial mindset

To become a successful entrepreneur you should never give up. you have to face problems and overcome them. If you wanted to become entrepreneur you have to solve your problem and just never settled down were you didn't belong from. At first you have to understand entrepreneur mindset. they never stops, they never give up,... Continue Reading →

Take the Risk or Loose the Chance

Yesterday I was walking towards home...midway I heard melody it was so good it just pulled me towards it.. And I was shocked to see..a person playing guitar on roads.. I stood there for a while until he finishes..after that he started begging for money.. After crowed went I asked him....will you teach music to... Continue Reading →

Distractions in life…

Nowadays, Our biggest problem is distraction. We all loves playing games, eating, watching tv, etc. But we wanted to focus in our career but problem is that we are distracted by these things and to control these things we watch inspirational videos or read books, quotes or blogs means we are just wasting our time.... Continue Reading →

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