Entrepreneurial mindset

To become a successful entrepreneur you should never give up. you have to face problems and overcome them. If you wanted to become entrepreneur you have to solve your problem and just never settled down were you didn’t belong from.

At first you have to understand entrepreneur mindset. they never stops, they never give up, they never think I can’t do it.

In this world 95% of startup fails only because they didn’t have patience, they didn’t have faith , they didn’t execute their idea in a better way. they tries to solve problem 99 times but after that they stops and think like I’m unlucky. but friends no-one could get success in one shot you have to do hard work and just have to take yourself at another level. guys here in this world no-one will help you to become successful you have to get that success with yourself and never think like my time will come and I will get success but that’s not true you should have faith in yourself and have to get your success…….just try to be yourself !!!

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Take the Risk or Loose the Chance

Yesterday I was walking towards home…midway I heard melody it was so good it just pulled me towards it..
And I was shocked to see..a person playing guitar on roads..
I stood there for a while until he finishes..after that he started begging for money..

After crowed went I asked him….will you teach music to students, but he refused the opportunity and again started begging for money…
Remember one thing “Low Aim Is Crime”. So just think about your future and take risk to achieve your goal. Here no one is born for begging money, food or anything else. So just take a chance and improve yourself.

Hardwork is the only option

We all want to be successful in our life, but you really do to achieve it…??

All of us wish that I will buy most expensive car, I will become the richest person in the world, etc.

But what actually do..we just think about it and forget..

Ask yourself…am I taking a step towards my goal..? Is that enough..? Is it towards right direction..?

Success is the reflection of your hard work.

You have to do it to reach to your goal.

There is no one in the world who have become successful overnight. We all see the successful person and think he is lucky or think like anyone one can do it, it’s so simple, but we can’t imagine the hard work…the patience and pain he has gone through..

So guys #askyourself you really wanna achieve the goals or leave it

Have safe And just remember one thing hard work is the only option.

Distractions in life…

Nowadays, Our biggest problem is distraction. We all loves playing games, eating, watching tv, etc.

But we wanted to focus in our career but problem is that we are distracted by these things and to control these things we watch inspirational videos or read books, quotes or blogs means we are just wasting our time. We are not recognising what kind of power is in our mind and how much we can increase our ability.

There’s no formula or any kind of shortcut to control distractions. Dream big and let your dreams control these distractions. Only your dedication for dreams can control these things

First day of school : 15th june

After enjoying each and every minute of holiday a scary day cames which we all knows “15th june”.

when I was kid and I don’t feel like going to school but my mom beats me because of that I have to go school. And now after completing my graduation I’m feeling like why I was so stupid, why do I really feel like this. Now I miss those days, those best friends and those last benches of class. And today my feeling is like why I grew up or will I see it back like old days ? or is there any key to restart life ???

Father’s day special

Yesterday was father’s day. And everyone was celebrating father’s day. Almost each and every person have posted a picture on social media

But I didn’t even wish my dad or posted any picture on social media. Cause I really don’t know how to express my feelings that how much I really love him or how proud I feel for him and if I am going to express my feelings I don’t think only one day is enough to express it !!!

Love you dad…………

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