First day of school : 15th june

After enjoying each and every minute of holiday a scary day cames which we all knows “15th june”.

when I was kid and I don’t feel like going to school but my mom beats me because of that I have to go school. And now after completing my graduation I’m feeling like why I was so stupid, why do I really feel like this. Now I miss those days, those best friends and those last benches of class. And today my feeling is like why I grew up or will I see it back like old days ? or is there any key to restart life ???

11 thoughts on “First day of school : 15th june

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  1. Not really, that’s no way to restart your life. But every single day you wake up it’s a present and new opportunity in life. Enjoy the ride while it lasts.

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  2. Thank you for following my blog and scholl we all had thoughts and couldn’t to leave and then after some years realised that maybe they were the best days…Just to let you know your gravatar doesn’t link back to your could be losing readers and followers πŸ™‚

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  3. Nice post !!
    I wish my school days could have dragged on a little longer or that I could go back & do it later in life .

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  4. My life started when I found my Spirituality. But we are each on our own path.
    All of us are uniquely gifted with special talents, interests, aptitudes and abilities. NOBODY else is like you – One of kind. Special. Do not refuse to offer your Special gifts to the world. You are more than worthy.

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  5. Ah! Glad you following. The theme for the blog is the old and the new life. Keep in touch. I’m following the Spirit Who is connecting us.
    Much love, thia. πŸ™‚

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