Distractions in life…

Nowadays, Our biggest problem is distraction. We all loves playing games, eating, watching tv, etc.

But we wanted to focus in our career but problem is that we are distracted by these things and to control these things we watch inspirational videos or read books, quotes or blogs means we are just wasting our time. We are not recognising what kind of power is in our mind and how much we can increase our ability.

There’s no formula or any kind of shortcut to control distractions. Dream big and let your dreams control these distractions. Only your dedication for dreams can control these things

13 thoughts on “Distractions in life…

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  1. An extremely nice blog !! Nice thought !! thanks for sharing this blog . keep sharing ur good work

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  2. If I may add,
    As a saying goes..
    There are two sides to life..
    The good and the bad….
    These are distractions if they are made priority..

    Awesome write up

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  3. I dont know what to say, Rupesh.
    These sites may control you if you let them.
    I dont intend to distract people through my blog, as you do too (I like to think that way 🙂 ), everybody is free to do and act as they want.
    Have a nice day!

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