Drive Your Story

Hey there!!!

Welcome back to The Soul Voice after a long time.. I was away for a while due to personal reasons and made many mistakes but now I came back rejuvenated.

So guys, I am going to write about some motivational stories, reviews about some great books of all time, some spiritual stuff, some of my own financial learnings, some positive talks and really interesting stuff which might add value into your life. From now I am going to take control of my life, I dare myself to drive my life into a meaningful and great story which in future I am not going to regret about.

I made many mistakes during this period. I had stopped my passion in between just because of procrastination. I used to think I am good at nothing and can’t write blogs like other bloggers who are doing their job really well, but it doesn’t mean you should stop doing what you love, I have learned and inculcated wining habit in me, so here onwards I am going to give one hundred percent of mine to achieve my goals. And am going to share the tips with you too.

Guys, I need you too, “to dare yourself, to drive your own story, to be bold, fearless, to step ahead in life”. And guys I need your support and love to make my dreams come true, I maybe not a great writer, but I will progress in it and sure to be a good one and add values to your life. Thank you!

#Bebold #Daretolivelifeyoulove #Driveyourstory

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15 thoughts on “Drive Your Story

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  1. Hello Rupesh, Lokesh here. I read this post and I think you can do it. You have enough time and space to start/restart your journey.

    #Be the voice
    #Be the choice
    #Be the light
    #Be the life
    #Be the brand.

    If I talk about myself. I’m 19 years old and started my long blogging journey in December 2020. Since then I’m continuously sometimes I feel sad and dressed. Reading so many posts makes me irritated.

    But the support of my blogger friends is great. Now, I have set realistic goals for myself. I don’t want to be a celebrity is seconds but I want to live my every moment. β€œ I want to write a beautiful poem every day”.

    You can contact me if you want to discuss more. I support you. I’m always with you.πŸ€—β€πŸ’πŸ’πŸ™

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  2. Wonderful motivation and belief set. If you get started who know what’s in there just waiting for a way out and onto paper? You will surprise yourself. What a wonderful,inspiring attitude that is important for all of us to be reminded of. Thank you, and bravo!

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  3. Good morning, happy to meet you. Everyone on the planet is unique and has a story all their own. When we compare ours to someone elses and think less of ourselves because of some missguided idea that we are less than is a very painful hard lesson. I am happy you came out the other side wiser and stronger. I look forward to reading your posts.

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  4. Rupesh, you are but one piece of the pie and what you have to offer is unique and very integral to the workings of the Universe. We all fall into the trap of comparing ourselves with others. I struggle with that also. But know you are exactly where you need to be and will contribute ta most important piece to the whole that is uniquely you. Be well, keep moving forward. The world needs you. Namaste.

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  5. Namaste 😊 Thanks a lot for your kind words.. rightly said, there are lows in everyone’s life but how we overcome, that is important..!


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